Open the Door for A Better Life

Working With Everyone

We work with all Guatemalans in need. We are all neighbors and there is no discrimination on the basis of religion, race, or social class.

Medical & Dental

We bring medical services to rural communities that have little or no access to medical care.


Many poor Guatemalans sleep on dirt floors. We install sturdy bunk beds with good mattresses, so people can have a healthy and restful night of sleep.


Many Guatemalan families cannot afford to keep their children in school. Our scholarship program gives children the opportunity to continue their education in high school and in college. Education can change lives.

Clean Water

We provide water filters that can provide 10 gallons of water a day for 8 years. Most Guatemalans do not have access to clean drinking water and we believe that everyone has a right to drink clean water.

Improving Nutrition

Malnutrition is a fact of life for all too many Guatemalans. We are committed to helping families farm the land and put nutritious food on their tables.

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