Our Approach

Our Mission

Contribute to improve the living conditions of people in poverty by providing basic services and fundamental tools for development.

Our Vision

We are committed to improving the lives of Guatemalans, with our community involvement, collaboration and sustainability providing a model for other non-profit organizations.


Our Goals

  • Help build a more equitable Guatemala.
  • Provide individuals and families with the resources they need for their well-being.
  • Encourage development of the most vulnerable communities with sustainable programs.

Creating a world where all families can be better

A Better Life Guatemala provides support for families in need. More than 9 million people – more than half the country – live in poverty in Guatemala and lack basic services. We provide hope and opportunities to individuals who want a better life. In Guatemala, we often use the phrase “granito de arena” which translates to a grain of sand. We hope our grain of sand becomes clean water, vented stoves, a good education, health care and improved housing. We seek to provide better health, sleep, education, and opportunities for individuals and families to improve their circumstances. Happiness can be as simple as drinking a glass of clean water when we are thirsty, having a bed to sleep after a long day, and having fresh food available. We have witnessed the instant impact of our efforts and the deep appreciation of families who are striving for a better life.

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